Deejayup Helps DJs Rebuild After the Pandemic

Covid-19 has devastated the entertainment industry. The devastation stretches across the industry from classical singers to DJs.

Things were looking up for the electronic music industry.

Before the pandemic, the music industry was booming, particularly the electronic music
industry. The entire industry saw a boost in sales in 2019 from previous years. DJ earnings and festivals primarily drove those sales. The electronic music industry alone grew by two percent in 2019.


Covid-19 devastates DJs everywhere.

Through the pandemic, the electronic music industry has lost nearly 75% of its income. DJs and musicians everywhere have had to survive solely on live streams for over a year. The phrase ‘starving musician’ has never seemed more fitting.

There is a light at the end of the tunnel.

The world has spent over a year facing restrictions, lockdowns, and quarantines. The Covid-19 pandemic has taken its toll, nearly destroying the music industry. But musicians and music lovers alike have stayed resilient, keeping the music alive in our hearts and homes. Now the day has finally come for the electronic music industry to come back to life. But, for DJs, where do you start? After a year of silence and mixing from home, how do you get your name back out there? Deejayup is here to help, and just in time too! Deejayup is a Godsend for DJs who need to rebuild. Deejayup brings the companies and clients to you.


Why Deejayup is the app for DJs

Deejayup gives DJs a secure and affordable online presence that guarantees visibility. Why is
visibility important?
• Visibility guarantees exposure to the right audiences
• Visibility means you will always get work
Deejayup makes it simple for you to schedule long-time work with different companies in need of professional DJs. Deejayup even makes the contract process a breeze allowing you to chat with the client. Speaking to each other directly allows both you and your client to ensure all the details are covered.Deejayup gives you a leg up on the competition. Clubs are slowly opening, and starving DJs are

fighting to be the first to get gigs. Deejayup offers companies and individual clients the
opportunity to find you before the competition finds them.

Not a DJ? Here’s why Deejayup is the app for you

Want the best DJ at your party or event? Then, you need deejayup. Deejayup connects you with the most reputable DJs in your area. Deejayup isn’t just for booking. Deejayup offers a unique experience for DJs and event attendees.


Covid-19 ripped through a thriving music industry, leaving it in pieces. Thankfully, as we
emerge from this nightmare, music lovers are eager to dive headfirst back into the festival and club scene. With all the hustle and bustle of DJs trying to be the first to get gigs, put your trust in a company created specifically for you in mind. Deejayup was created by DJs who know exactly what you need to thrive in the electronic music industry . If you want to be the first DJ on the job, don’t be the last to Deejayup! Stay connected, and stay in touch for the launch!

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