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Top 5 DJ Jobs That Will Get You an Exciting Place in the DJ Industry

We have all been at an event that was fun only because of unique music jazzing up the excitement within us. A unique playlist can always elevate the mood and compel others to groove, and that’s exactly the power that DJs hold. Drawing a couple of songs from an extensive music collection and playing the perfect genre according to the event and audience is an undeniably unique talent. If you’re someone who feels a flash of this uniqueness in his core, you must go for becoming a DJ. However, most people are unaware of the spectrum of DJ jobs that exists in this industry. Let’s have a look at some of the DJ jobs that can best serve your interest.

Club and Pub DJ Job

Whether it’s a disco, a club, a festival, a club, or a local bar, a DJ is always the heart of the show. These are the ones that ignite the dance floor through their unique mix of songs to which we dance our hearts out. They don’t only remix the already recorded songs but can also sprinkle a hint of their own produced music. These are the ones who gain prominence in certain cliques by opening up for international artists. If you’re looking for a DJ job that gives you a blast, then this stays to be the one.   

Scratch DJ Service

Turntablists or controllerists are some of the common names for DJ service. They usually carry their soundboards or turntables to set the stage on fire with some live remixes or local produce. If you’re adequately resources together with the talent, then scratch DJ is guaranteed to pay you back for being an incredible musician.

Radio DJ Job

I’m sure you’ve heard of this DJ service as it remains to be first up in line to take this profession to the height of popularity that it has today. They usually act as a host, mixer, or programming staff at a radio station playing some amazing music for the ears of the entire city. They can either just announce songs while the host talks or play live sets of some exhilarating music to please the audience.

Moving DJ Job

These are known to be the workhorses of the industry that take their music across states and even countries to perform at weddings, events, parties, nightclubs and even school dances. If you enjoy travelling and mixing up with new cultures but playing within a preset playlist, being a mobile DJ will be the perfect DJ service for you. And the best part about being a mobile DJ is getting to make a lot of money; what’s better than that!

Producer DJ Service

Playing a set of prerecorded songs does that talent but not half as much as a producer who gives in sweat, patience, knowledge and what not to make a gig of his own. If you’re passionate about creating your own music and releasing it to the world, then go ahead be a producer. This original content is the reason that producers get to enjoy the most fame out of all.

Wrap up

Since the pandemic has given all professions a beating, the DJ industry has suffered just as much, making it difficult for them to get a way back. But need not worry as Deejayup is here to help you reach the best opportunities to get the DJ job you want. We help you match your talent to the platform that values it and takes it forward. Deejayup will be available for download the next June so don’t miss out!

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