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Deejay Up is a platform that connects companies to DJs for events, parties, and weddings  around the globe, without any intermediary fees.


The “New Way” Of Acquiring Stellar DJs & Landing Gigs

Today, it can be hard to find the right DJ for your event. Normally, you rely on word of mouth in hopes that the DJ will be good. Beyond that, it’s often trying to find one blindly online, not knowing if they’ll be the “right fit”. If you’re a DJ, it can he extremely difficult finding gigs in your local area.

So what’s the best solution? 

That’s where Deejay Up comes in

Gain Access To An Exclusive Network Elite Level DJ Talent For Your Audience

Inside our app, you’ll see just how it easy it is to get connected to top DJ talent or companies that need you most. Our platform will enable you to land DJ gigs that weekend, or get the right DJ for your event in the spur of the moment. Think of it as a fast, secure, and easy-to-use “hiring system” where DJs and companies can get connected, based on tiered ratings. That way, you always know who’s the best person and client for the job.

An All-In-One Solution That Makes It Easy To Get The Party Started

Whether you’re a DJ or a business in need of a DJ, we make the entire process seamless. Right from download, you’ll have all the tools you need to support you on your journey and connect with a global community of professional DJs. Grow your network quickly and establish long term relationships with event organizers, private venues, and individuals always looking to throw a spontaneous party.

For DJs

Whether you’re an expert or beginner behind the deck, you deserved to be noticed. The truth is, you shouldn’t be spending hours posting listings online, telling everyone you’re looking for work. In this competitive marketplace, is often a game of “who knows who” that will land the highest paying gigs and get the greatest amount of exposure. With Deejay Up, you’ll become part of the “in” network right away and begin popping up on their “DJ Radar”. With it, you’ll be able to:

For Companies

Hire a DJ for party, an event, festival, nightclub, party, private party, local bar, venues space, wedding, or any other event you have going on.

After downloading Deejay Up, you’ll be instantly transported to a map with all the active DJs in your area, based on their ratings and past performances. Set the requirements of your event, and Deejay Up will provide you with a shortlist of top DJs to get the conversation started with (alternatively place an order directly). Altogether, it’s sure to make any celebration a guaranteed success.

Make yourself visible to a large number of leads by “DJ job”, “DJ gigs”, “DJ jobs near me”, and “DJ services near me” - all inside the app

Receive ongoing contracts on a weekly basis

Manage your calendar and pick dates you’re available to play

Get paid well for each job well done, rising closer to the “Number 1 DJ” ranking

Let your rating and profile become a source of “passive income” as new leads begin to come your way

Here’s How It Works

Reach Out

Hit the “DJs Near Me” button and instantly send messages directly to DJs in real-time when you found the one you like.

Generate A Contract

Once you feel like you’ve locked in the right fit, it’s time to finalize the contract. Thankfully, it automatically generates so all you have to do is electronically sign and you’re good to go!

Let The Party Begin!

This is where the fun begins. With everything smoothly set-up, all parties are happy. Now it’s time to sit back, relax, and let the show unfold.

A Service Created For DJs, By DJs

In the old days, we found it challenging to turn our hobby into a thriving career. All we wanted to do was DJ, but unfortunately it just wasn’t paying the bills as we scoured the city for any new gigs available. That’s what gave us the idea – “What if we could create a platform where clients could find us, instead of us having to actively find them?”

And that’s where Deejay Up was born! Since then, we’ve been hard at work in the lab – getting feedback from not only DJs around the world but also event holders of what their “dream app” would be. Now, we’re ready to showcase it to the world and have you experience it for yourself. So far, it’s been a huge hit – for festivals, nightclubs, local bars, events, private parties and much more.  

Primarily, it’s our goal is to

The app itself is an extremely intuitive and easy-to-use platform that really does take away the stress of having to find a DJ or gig – especially when it’s last minute. It’s based on transparent, direct contracts and a transaction process that just makes sense.


Join The Growing List Of DJs & Companies That Are Growing Their Parties By The Numbers

Here’s what a handful of recent clients have to say why they use Deejay Up as their “go-to” source of new leads and acquiring DJ talent:

Ready To Get Started?

With our help, you’ll be well on your way to more simplifying the search process, getting noticed for your efforts, and throwing a party that will bring memories for years to come. To get started, download the app below:


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