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The easiest way to connect companies with DJs


We provide a secure platform for companies and DJs, you can get visibility, recognition and connection with Deejayup!

Guaranteed Quality in a Decentralized Service that Serves as a Link between Companies and DJs for Direct Contracting without Commissions. Offering Our Services with an Easy To Use Application for a Definitive Experience.

Wouldn't it be amazing if you can find an online platform where you can choose the best DJ that suits your audience and carry out a quick hiring?

We listen to you!


Deejayup Is a Unique Platform That Directly Connects the Companies with DJ'S!

Our team at Deejayup works hard to deliver you the most amazing experience, for that we have come up with an easy to understand, easy to work with App. So you can reach out on your hand held devices, anytime you want.

What service does our app offer?

We at Deejayup proudly present our App. A Decentralized Service That Serves as A Link Between Companies and DJs for Direct Contracting.

  Hiring a DJ has never been so easy! 

Find the best DJ around you and reach out to them directly!

Without Commissions, Without Intermediaries!

We provide you a fluid experience with which you will be satisfied!

How Does Our App Help a Company or an Individual?

Imagine being able to hire a DJ for your disco, club, festival, event, local bar or any private party, and find in one click that DJ who can make your party a resounding success

No more steps or problems!

With our app, you can find the ratings of several DJs and their performances. Just look for “DJs near me”, and our app would find the DJ meeting your requirements for you!


Find the one that best suits your interests!


Reach Out, Generate A Contract and Let The Party Begin!


We Offer the Service for Companies for Free.

How Does Our App Helps DJ?

With your expertise and immense knowledge of beat, you don’t need to go around, looking for people who wants to hire a DJ for a party, or a club.

Make Yourself Visible with Our App!

Receive hires throughout the year

Choose your available dates and manage your calendar

Personally manage your DJ career

Enter the ranking of the best DJs

Let Your Rating, Your Work Speak for You!

Your work would speak for you!

This platform is for you to reach out the companies hiring DJ for long term work, or individuals hiring DJ for a party or any kind of event.

About Us

Deejayup has been created by and for all DJs, both for professionals and young people who are starting their careers, in turn to facilitate the connection with companies, be these festivals, nightclubs, local bars, events , private parties or individuals that are interested in hiring DJ services.

Deejayup Is the Easiest Way to Directly Connect Companies with DJs.

Our revolutionary application based on maps and user locations in 38+ countries, acts as the exclusive link through an intuitive, fast and easy-to-use contracting system

We Drive DJs by Providing a Secure and Affordable Digital Presence with Guaranteed Visibility That Allows You to Enjoy Greater Exposure in Order to Always Find Work and Hires.


About Our App

It is defined as an intuitive platform that acts as a secure link between companies and DJs for simple and direct contracts. A secure link between companies and DJs for simple and direct contracts. Imagine a recruiting service for DJs connected with attractive country-segmented profiles!

We Stir a Wave of Opportunities for DJs Around the Globe!

We know the importance of your career as a DJ, so in this way we also want to offer you the possibility of managing it by yourself. We want to bring together the largest community of professional DJs in the world. Companies will be able to find a DJ in their city. It is up to you to choose the type of DJ that best suits your needs, that is why you can decide who you are interested in contacting, get to know each other better in a chat or make a contract directly.

We Offer you a Platform Wiith The Latest Technology That is Changing The Concept of Hiring!

How our app works

Reach Out

Generate A Contract

and Let The Party Begin!

You Can Message DJs Directly in Real-Time Through the App to Make Enquiries or Bookings.

Benefits of working with Deejay Up just continue!

You can chat with the chosen DJs or hirers for your occasion or hiring directly through our app. And the best part is you get instant responses.

Respond to them in your convenient time, think and ask questions until you are satisfied.

You can check every detail over the chat to ensure your event is tailored to your requirements.

Finalize the contract when you are satisfied.

Diversity Brings All the Color in a Workplace We aim to create a workstation that includes and mirrors the diversity of the places we serve!

A place where you can be yourself – the genuine one!

A place where we celebrate your authenticity as an asset

A place where people from every background can thrive

We wish to make Deejayup a better place for DJs, companies and everyone related to us in one way or another!

One app thousands of DJ'S

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We offer our services in 38+ countries. Look for available DJ's in your area and contact them immediately!


































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Need Some Gigs? Try Deejayup

Goals & Objectives

We at Deejayup aim to provide a platform you can trust with all your confidence. A trusted community with the largest turn out. Since it’s a platform formed by DJs for DJs, we understand all the requirements, issues and problems DJs or the companies hiring a DJ may face. That’s why you must know we have taken it all in consideration.

We aim to

bring together the largest community of professional DJs in the world

create a trusty podium for most nightlife, local bars and individuals

create a place where both parties can interact and discuss a clear, direct and easy to use service

make Deejayup, the definitive link between companies and DJs

Tips for both users within the app

Follow our hiring tips:

Always make the contracts through our app. In this way you can seal a written agreement where both parties are insured and thus avoid unforeseen events.

Do not accept contracts that ask you to make payments outside Deejayup. Only those contracts made within our app have a guarantee.

Deejayup will not mediate your contracts, it will only serve as a link between both parties for the mutual benefit. Our main objective is your confidence

We Love Our Clients, They Love Us Back

Terry.L UK

We have no regrets! I use deejayup often. Without deejayup, we would have not landed new clients!

Harry.T UK

I love your APP. I like deejayup more and more each day because it makes my life a lot easier. I use the app to connect with future clients and it makes life so easy! Thank you Deejayup!

Gabriella.M Spain

It's the perfect solution for me. It's really wonderful. The Deejayup app is so simple to use and super effective when speaking to clients!

Deejayup is a game changer, no more google searches, calls or intermediaries, offering a fast and synthesized DJ hiring for my venue, nightclub or event

In a few minutes I was able to hire a DJ with the features I needed. An intuitive and functional system with all possible options. I recommend this app 100%

I'm a DJ and someone recommended me to download the app, the interested party hires you directly. Trough Deejayup I have already been hired for two jobs and others are coming out, it was about time there was an app with these characteristics

Deejayup is an amazing work tool for our DJ profession. We can be hired, organize ourselves freely, interact in a community, gain visibility and there is a ranking of the best DJs which motivates us not to stop

I'm a DJ and I can say from right now I subscribe

Deejayup es un cambio en el juego, no más búsquedas en Google, llamadas o intermediarios, este servicio ofrece rápidas y comodas contrataciones de DJs para mi fiesta, discoteca o evento

En cuestión de minutos pude contratar a un DJ con las características que necesitaba. Un sistema intuitivo y funcional con todas las opciones posibles. Recomiendo esta app 100%

Soy DJ y me recomendaron descargar la app, te contrata directamente el interesado. Gracias a Deejayup ya he sido contratado para dos trabajos y me están saliendo otros, ya era hora de que hubiera una app con estas características

Deejayup es una herramienta de trabajo espectacular para nuestra profesión de DJ. Podemos ser contratados, organizarnos libremente, interactuar en una comunidad, obtener visibilidad y hay un ranking de mejores DJs lo que nos motiva a no parar...



    Frequently Asked Questions

    Deejayup was created by and for DJs. If you are a professional or just starting your career as a DJ, this is the right place for you. We will connect you to companies and potential clients such as venues, festivals, private parties or individuals who are interested in hiring you and using your services.

    We connect DJ’s and clients in 37 countries on 6 continents. And we are still expanding! If you are a venue owner, a festival/event/party organizer or a private individual, finding a DJ in all these locations will be an easy task through our app. If you are a DJ, the application process is fast and intuitive and our contracting system is a breeze to use so you can connect to a global audience of potential clients.

    Speed and ease of use are two of the main benefits for companies that are looking to find a DJ in their city. Whether you want to hire a DJ for a club, bar or another venue, or simply ensure that your event has the best professional behind the decks, Deejayup will cater for your needs. Once you have a shortlist, an additional advantage is that you can contact the DJs directly, get to know each other better using the chat function or create a contract directly via the platform.

    We know how passionate you are about developing your career as a DJ, so we want to offer you the right tools to support you on your journey. With Deejayup you’ll be able to connect to a global community of professional DJs, grow your network and link to a large potential audience of clients - venues, event organizers and private individuals.  Thus, managing your schedule and finding employment opportunities will be much easier for you.

    All DJs - whether you’re an experienced one or just starting up in your career - should feel pride in what they do and the contribution they make to their clients’ events and venues. We want you to feel truly appreciated as an authentic asset and thrive in your career. We also value diversity and want to give every DJ a chance to develop and prosper.

    Our advice is to always sign all the contracts by using the Deejayup app. This will ensure that both parties take advantage of our insurance against unforeseen events and are guaranteed that they’ll be covered. We want you to feel confident, both as a DJ and as a client, therefore we advise you not to accept or make payments outside of our platform.

    If you experience any technical problems or any other problems related to contracting a DJ, chatting with the community etc., you can refer to these FAQs. In case you still cannot find the answer, please contact  [email protected] who will be very happy to assist with your challenge and give you the personal care and assistance you deserve.